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Feniscowles Primary School

Feniscowles Primary School

Striving for Excellence

Who's Who

 Our Team


HEAD TEACHER: Mr  Andrew    




SCHOOL BUSINESS MANAGER: Mrs Turner                                            

Administrator Infant Office: Mrs Edwards


Administrator Junior Office: Mrs Salkeld


SENDCo: Mrs Clarkson


Higher Level Teaching Assistants: Mr Hadfield and Mrs Ford



EYFS & KS1 (Early Years Foundation Stage & Key Stage 1)

Rec Robins Class Teacher: Mrs Noon                                                                                                                                  

Rec Jays Class Teacher: Miss Deane
Reception Support Staff: Mrs Whalley and Mrs Mullally


Y1 Owls Class Teacher:  Miss Evenson


Teaching Assistant: Miss Sumner


Y1 Sparrows Class Teacher: Mrs Morgan


Teaching Assistant: Mrs Issa


Y2 Finches Class Teachers: Mrs Clarkson and Mrs Evans


Teaching Assistant: Mrs Charnley


Y2 Wrens Class Teacher and Key Stage Leader: Miss Shaw


Teaching Assistants: Mrs Eddleston

KS2 (Key Stage 2)
Y3 Cranes Class Teacher: Mrs Majid                                                                                                                                                                                        
Y3 Jackdaws Class Teacher: Miss Barton  
Y3 Teaching Assistants: Mrs McCaughey, Mrs Walker and Mrs Cooper 


Y4 Buzzards Class Teacher: Mrs Pritchard


Y4 Hawks Class Teachers: Mrs Henry and Miss Dootson


Year 4 Teaching Assistants: Miss Ahmed and Mrs Irvine

Y5 Ospreys Class Teacher: Miss Hadwin
Y5 Woodpeckers Class Teachers: Mrs Jepson                                                                              
Year 5 Teaching Assistants: Mrs Pollock, Miss Hurtley and Miss kershaw                                                                                                                                             
Y6 Eagles Class Teacher & Key Stage Leader: Miss Cooper
Y6 Falcons Class Teacher: Miss Faulkner 


Yr 6 Teaching Assistants: Mrs McCaughey and Miss Clarkson


Welfare Assistants: Mrs Hammond


SITE SUPERVISOR:  External Provider - Your Castle Caretakers Ltd

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