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Feniscowles Primary School

Feniscowles Primary School

Striving for Excellence

English - Phonics

At Feniscowles, we are fully committed to the delivery of excellence in the teaching of Phonics.

As a school we use the Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised programme to teacher phonics and reading.


Through our high-quality, discrete Phonic teaching, we ensure children develop the skills and knowledge that they need in order to recognise sounds, decode words and become confident and fluent readers. We believe that this, combined with a text-rich learning environment, promotes a ‘love of reading’ culture where children enjoy reading.


We recognise that reading is an important life skill, providing a secure foundation from an early age, where children can gain access and have more opportunities to achieve in all areas of the curriculum. At Feniscowles, we strive to ensure that all children become successful and fluent readers by the end of KS1.


We have recently updated our Phonics Provision by moving to the Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised programme, this means our website documentation also needs updating to match our new phonics approach. This area of our website is currently "under construction". 


Soon to be published on this page will be:

  • Our progression documents
  • Our 'support at home' materials for families
  • Guides on the books that we use in school and the books that we send home

Phonics Policy and Supporting Documents

EYFS Phonics and Reading Workshop

Supporting Your Children With Phonics At Home

We created this video to show in our parent workshops. Here, Mrs Metcalfe is acting in the role of a parent or family member to show how to complete the phonics homework in EYFS. 

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