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Feniscowles Primary School

Feniscowles Primary School

Striving for Excellence

Curriculum Introduction

The National Curriculum provides schools with a clear program of study for all schools to follow.  At Feniscowles Primary School we see this as the starting point for our own individualised curriculum to meet the needs of our learners.  Our curriculum has been carefully shaped, starting by defining what is meant by 'Curriculum', establishing our learners' starting points, understanding the world they will grow up in, conducting research into best practice and consulting stakeholders. This process has helped us create our curriculum intent.  The following document provides an overview of this process to support us in our curriculum vision of:


Our vision is to develop ‘A Feniscowles Child’ who can ‘Live Life in its Fullest’.


A child who ‘Strives for Excellence’; has learning agility; a resilient character; a sense of identity and a morally principled outlook. A ‘Feniscowles Child’ will be highly literate, numerate and will have the oracy skills to communicate with confidence. The 'Feniscowles Child' will be ready to succeed and adapt as they embrace the opportunities life brings, whilst navigating the uncertainties of an unknown future.




Our Welcome Video

In this video we discuss our curriculum intent and how academic ambition and character education help to shape all we do at our school.

Our Curriculum Intent (Curriculum Design) document has been carefully produced with all stakeholders.  This forms the basis of our long term curriculum development plan.  Elements of this design document are scheduled for future development and implementation as part of our development cycle.

Our Curriculum Intent

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