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Feniscowles Primary School

Feniscowles Primary School

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Development Matters Guidance

What is Development Matters?


Development Matters is a document provided by Early Education. It is designed to support Early Years Practitioners in providing quality education for each child. Development Matters covers a range of Areas of Learning and Development, from reading to maths and beyond. It also covers general guidance for supporting effective learning and assessment too. Each aspect has been chosen to help practitioners build a strong foundation for children's educational journeys.


Early Years Foundation Stage practitioners can use Development Matters as part of daily work. It provides clear ideas and direction for planning lessons, activities and provisions in a setting, and how to approach each one.


It also provides guidance on making summative assessments of individual children. It provides clear advice on observations of various types and other assessment opportunities. These are used to see if children are on the right track with their development, so that teaching may be tailored to suit individual needs. Each child's development matters, and each child will have their own needs and pace, which this guidance helps you work with.

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