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Feniscowles Primary School

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Parental Voice

Parent View gives you the chance to tell Ofsted what you think about Feniscowles Primary School.


As Parents and Carers, you can give Ofsted your views of our school at any time of the year using an online questionnaire called Parent View. Your views are really important in helping inspectors form a judgement about our school, and to help us know what is going well and what could be improved.


Please register using the link below.  Once your login has been activated, it only takes a few minutes to complete answers to 12 short questions on a variety of aspects such as bullying, the quality of teaching and level of homework.

Our Most-Recent Parent Survey Feedback

Your views are important to us. Throughout the year, we will send out surveys to gather your thoughts and opinions and these will be factored into decision making processes within school. 


In the two tables below, you can find the responses to our most recent parent survey.  You can also see actions which school are taking to address these. As always, please do speak to us as soon as possible regarding any concerns as and when they arise! We have a list of who is best placed to help you resolve any concerns on our "About Us" tab titled Contact Details. 


We'd like to thank all of our families who completed the survey. The results were very positive in all areas. The table does not include responses to all of the questions asked; we have included only responses where action was needed and subsequently taken. 

Table 1: questions and responses from parents where no further significant action from school was needed. 

My Child is happy at this school.99% rated 4 or 5 stars
When I have raised concerns, they have been dealt with properly. 

100% of responses said yes.


Comments from parents included:

"Strongly agree, staff have gone above and beyond to help me and my child." Year 4 parent.


"I can't praise the staff enough. They are approachable and supportive." Year 6 parent.


My child has SEND and the school gives them the support they need.

There were 4 responses to this question. 75% of these said "extremely true" or "somewhat true".


Comments from parents included: 

"I am really pleased with communication received from the school SENDCO / Class Teacher. My child has extra groups to support his confidence and his academic abilities. Staff have brought out the best in him."


My child is well-supported and I am always kept informed.


IEPs are in-place and reviewed regularly. We can access these electronically as parents.  


My child does well at this school.98% of responses selected agree or strongly agree. 

The final box on the parental feedback questionnaire was for parents to type any additional comments. 


There were many
over-whelmingly positive responses to this question and some are included here. 



My daughter has settled in so well to the reception Robins class and she loves her teachers. She has come on so much in such a short time.


As a whole, I feel every single person (whether they have taught my child, listened to my child read or dealt with my query in the office) have been superb.


My child is extremely happy in school. It is welcoming and the school itself is clean, tidy and an impressive learning environment. School generally should be proud of how things have moved forward over past year.


I have nothing but good things to say about Feniscowles Primary School. Every single member of staff is friendly, helpful and approachable. I always feel well informed and supported and my son is very happy here. I would also like to say how fantastic the older students helping out at Parents' Evening were, super welcoming, friendly and efficient!


All staff are always approachable, understanding and very helpful. Any issues are dealt with promptly; even with their very busy schedule. Thank you and keep up the great work!


A fantastic school, we are so glad our son attends this school. He is happy here and I feel that as parents we have seen him develop lots already in a matter of weeks. Thank you all staff at Feniscowles.


Mr Andrew has been amazing, and made much needed changes. I would choose Feniscowles every time. An amazing school with committed staff. My child is so happy and I just hope high school can match her experience of primary.


Feniscowles has been a great school for our daughter -  a safe, comfortable and encouraging place to be.


Table 2: Questions and responses where school took subsequent actions

What You Said...What We Did...
Parking around school during drop-off and pick-up times can be problematic with cars parking over the driveways of local residents. 

School have purchased extra signage and traffic cones to support with this matter from school funds. 


Unfortunately, we are unable to control this matter directly or to facilitate staff to patrol the roads outside of school.


We frequently remind our families to be courteous when parking via our school bulletin and via our school Facebook Page.



The school makes sure that pupils are well-behaved. 

4% of respondents rated below 5 stars


In the comments box, 2 parents expressed that they felt behaviour was different since returning to school from Lockdowns. 

  1. 2021 - Introduced a new behaviour policy rooted in restorative justice and based on advice from leading experts. (Visit the Key Information Tab > Policies > Behaviour Policy for full details) 
  2. 2021 -  Introduced the class dojo system to increase reward and to support in holding positive behaviour choices in high-regard
  3. Class recognition boards are now in place in each class and these support and celebrate positive behaviour choices.
  4. 2022 - The Senior Leadership Team planned an INSET day for all staff members with Jason Bangbala,  a behaviour management consultant to improve: praise and reward systems; preventative behaviour management strategies and use of non-confrontational strategies. JEB Educational Consultancy Ltd (  See Jason's website for further details. 
  5. Careful monitoring of the above whole-school strategies


The School lets me know how my child is doing?


6% of responses disagreed. 

  1. We have returned to face-to-face parents' evenings twice each year with an opportunity for a 3rd "drop-in" parents' evening after the end-of-academic-year report. 
  2. We have introduced Provision Map software to increase communication with families of children who have additional needs. This now means families are part of the target-setting and reviewing process for their children. This new process also brings about an additional 3 contact points for families and teachers each academic year. 
  3. From September 2022, school will be sharing assessment data with families after each assessment week in school. Teachers will explain how this will work during Meet The Teacher evenings with their new classes in September.

Additional Update December 2022:


We have now started sending out data graphs after assessment week. These are sent just prior to our parents evening so that families have an opportunity to discuss these with class teachers. 


To give any feedback on these, please email



The school makes me aware of what my child will learn during the year


12% of respondents felt this could be improved.


In the comments box, 3 parents requested more parent workshops to help them support their children at home.

  1. The school has made significant updates to the curriculum and to the school website to show curriculum content in all subjects for all year groups.  Please click on the "curriculum" tab at the top of the home page for further details
  2. Since the survey and since easing of Covid restrictions, 6 parental workshops have taken place and a further 2 are planned. 
  3. From September 2022 there will now be a Meet The Teacher evening during the first 3 weeks of your child starting in their new class. In this meeting, teachers will share an outline of topics that will be covered in class for the year ahead. This outline will also be made available on the class pages of the school website.
  4. School will look to provide further detail on the Class Pages tab. Updates for this will happen during the Summer 2 term. 


Additional Update December 2022


Meet The Teacher Evenings have taken place to outline the curriculum. 


x3 Phonics workshops have happened


There is a "parental support video" on our website to help parents to understand how to complete the phonics homework. 



My child can take part in extra curricular clubs.


1 response disagreed



The survey highlighted that, at time of sending, there were no extra-curricular clubs in place for children in EYFS. 


We have since:


Introduced a gardening club for EYFS children and we will look to increase the club offer further. 


The School supports my child's wider personal development


5% of responses disagreed

  1. School have appointed a member of staff to lead in the area of  Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development (SMSC). This is an area of the curriculum that focuses on the non-academic development of students, such as understanding and appreciation of different cultures or dealing with moral conundrums. 
  2. From September 2022, school will be adopting a new RE curriculum which will better-support SMSC development. 


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