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Feniscowles Primary School

Feniscowles Primary School

Striving for Excellence

Visions and Values

All schools have their own distinctive culture and ethos, which makes each one unique. We believe that our distinctive culture is rooted in a shared understanding of 'The Feniscowles Way'.  An approach that drives our actions, decisions and aspirations.  An approach shared and understood by governors, staff, children and parents alike.  To that end, we keep our vision to the least possible words.   


It  starts with a simple statement of intent:

To be a highly effective school that 'Strives for Excellence' in all it does. A school where academic ambition meets exceptional character education, allowing ‘The Feniscowles Child’ to live life in its fullest.​


Supported by values that define our culture and ethos, shaping the 'Feniscowles Child':

Endeavour          Integrity          Respect          Inclusion        Compassion          Forgiveness


Underpinned by our motto:

'Striving for Excellence' 




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