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Feniscowles Primary School

Feniscowles Primary School

Striving for Excellence


Feniscowles Primary School has created a curriculum intent statement.  This intent has been written to provide an overarching context for our school curriculum to allow ‘A Feniscowles Child’ to ‘Live Life in its fullest’.  This document can be found on our website and should be read in conjunction with our subject specific intent statements.


How does Music contribute towrads our curriculum intent?


At Feniscowles Primary School, our music curriculum has our school context at it’s core: to allow ‘A Feniscowles Child’ to ‘Live Life in its fullest’. We firmly believe that ‘Music is a universal language’ and that it is a powerful vehicle for uniting people of all ages, from all cultures. We strive to use our music curriculum to support our learners not only in mastering musical proficiency, but also to contribute significantly to their well-being. It is said that if art is how we decorate space, then music is how we decorate time.


We aim to foster a life-long love of music by exposing children to different musical styles and through a curriculum which enables them to find their voices as singers and composers. We strive to ensure that each Feniscowles Child becomes a confident, reflective musician.



We want to encourage our learners to develop the skills that embed our Music curriculum:

· Acting like a musician (Singing, Playing & Performing, Exploring and Composing).

· Thinking like a Musician (Transcribing and Describing)


Through our progressive and structured curriculum, we are well-placed to support our teachers and learners. From the initial exploration of sounds and songs in EYFS, our music curriculum ensures children will sing, listen, play, compose, perform and evaluate.


They will be exposed to a vast range of different musical styles e.g. classical, jazz, hip hop, rock etc…and our curriculum will also provide our learners with the opportunity to learn about famous and influential musicians, including those from across the globe.


This is an inclusive curriculum for all children to achieve a sense of success.


In addition, we aim to have a strong offer of musical instrument tuition to create a vibrant wider curriculum offer.


Our Music policy provides you with details on how we implement this intent through our curriculum.  We have also provided our progression documents and information so that you can see how music progresses throughout our school


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