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Feniscowles Primary School

Feniscowles Primary School

Striving for Excellence

School Dinner Menu

Junior School Meals 


Due to continued restrictions around mixing "bubbles" we are still not able to serve dinners in the hall. 

Until we are able to use the hall we are unable to offer our usual hot selection of meals, the junior children can choose from a selection of hot or cold sandwiches. 


Infant School Meals


Children in the infants will be able to choose from our usual menu, see below. The table details the pattern for this half term.

Week 1Week 2Week 3
10th May 26th April 3rd May 

31st May 

(School Holiday)

17th May 24th May 
21st June 7th June 14th June 
12th July 28th June 5th July 

2nd  August

(School Holiday)

19th July & 9th August

(School Holiday)

26th July  

(School Holiday)

23rd August 
(School Holiday)

30th August 

(School Holiday)

16th August

(School Holiday)

13th September 20th September6th September  
4th October 11th October 27th September 

25th October 

(School Holiday)

1st November 

18th October



The infant children will choose their own lunch each day.

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