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Feniscowles Primary School

Feniscowles Primary School

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Covid Current Guidance


Please make yourselves aware of these steps that we are taking to attempt to reduce the transmission of COVID 19 (coronavirus). 

Please adhere to the allocated arrival and finish times for your child’s Year Group. 

Year Group 

Arrival Time 

Finish Time 





Park Farm Road, leave via car park 

Year 1 



Car park entrance 

Year 2 



Car park entrance 

Year 3 



Leave your child at gates in the morning. In the afternoon wait, socially distanced, on the playground. Leave via the recreation ground gate. 

Year 4 



Year 5 



Year 6 



  • On arrival, children will line up with their class on the playground; with the exception of Reception who will go straight to class. 

  • The children will wash their hands as soon as they arrive in their classroom, and will wash or sanitise their hands regularly throughout the day; especially before and after playtimes and before lunch. 

  • Doors and windows will be open to allow ventilation in classrooms. 

  • Shared resources will be disinfected between uses. 

  • The children should not be bringing backpacks or rucksacks to school, we have provided each child with an individual set of the equipment they need, including a bag for their reading book. 

  • PE kits should be sent into school on Monday; the children will bring these home after their last PE lesson of the week, to be washed and returned the following Monday. 

  • Play times will staggered and years groups will not mix. 

  • At lunchtimes the children will either eat in their own classroom or the dining hall, year groups will not mix; where children eat in the hall, tables will be sanitised between sittings. 

  • Parents and visitors should wear a facemask at all times whilst on the school grounds. 

  • Parents are should avoid coming into school and are are not allowed in classrooms and all correspondence should be via the phone or email. 

  • Parents must not congregate at classroom doors or try to speak to their class teacher at the door. 

  • Parents must maintain social distancing around school and only one parent should drop off/pick up. 

  • If you need to collect children from multiple year groups please ensure that your children, or any other children accompanying you, remain with you at all times. 

  • Once you have collected your child(ren), at the end of the school day, please leave the school grounds as soon as possible. 

  • If for any reason a year group is closed down and asked to isolate, then home learning will take the place of school learning and MUST be completed. 

Please remember school MUST be informed of any suspected or positive cases in families and children must be collected immediately from school and taken for a test. The usual guidance around isolating for 14 days must still be adhered to if anyone in the family tests positive. 


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