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Feniscowles Primary School

Feniscowles Primary School

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Parents should all now have received their “Invitation to Arbor”, this was sent to all legal guardians for each child where we have an email address.


If you have not received this invitation please email confirming your correct email address. The office is closed over the holidays so, to allow us to prioritise updating parental responses in the New Year, please include “Arbor” in the subject and include details of your child’s name, class and email addresses for both parents in your email.


If you have received your invitation please sign up to activate your account.


Once you have activated your account please check


  • We have both parents/legal guardians listed as contacts, you will not be able to view anybody else’s actual contact detail, each parent must log into Arbor to check their own details.


  • Please ensure we have at least two emergency contacts for your child, in case of illness/emergency.


Please email with details of any amendments.


Thank you for your co-operation


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