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'TEAM-Together Everyone Achieves More'

Messages from your Feniscowles Family

Miss Hargreaves



Hello Everyone,

I cannot believe we have not seen each other for 3 weeks, it is like when we have the Summer holiday but at least then I see a lot of you out and about. I hope you are all keeping yourself busy and doing as you are told. I am looking forward to hearing about all the amazing things you have been doing. I am sure a lot of you have found your creative side and many of your thinking and learning skills will have been put to good use – perseverance, creativity and imagination, independence and initiative, curiosity and enthusiasm. I wonder if you can think when you have used these skills ?

I have been counting the rainbows in people’s windows and each one has made me smile. I think of all of you when I see them, which makes me really happy. Perhaps as Easter approaches people will be counting bunnies or Easter eggs !          


I love hearing about how helpful and caring everyone is. Helping each other is just like our motto TEAM - together everyone achieves more – well at a safe distance. I am so proud of you. Look after yourselves. Take care. I am missing you all and cannot wait to see you again.


Miss Hargreaves



Mrs Aughton 


Hello Everyone

Hope you are all well, managing to stay safe and enjoying your very different days?

What strange and challenging times we are in!!!

I’ve had a great 2 days in school this week with the children of Key Workers. We kept ourselves busy, taking part in many different activities – including, pom pom Easter Chicks and planting seeds. Let’s hope they all grow and we have a pretty flower display.

The recent lovely weather has allowed me to appreciate the beautiful countryside which is on our doorstep as I do my daily run, walk or cycle – long may this sunny weather continue.

Have a lovely Easter Bank Holiday Weekend with your families and I hope the Easter Chick visits you!!

We are all doing our best to cope with this very uncertain time, please stay safe, well, happy and have fun.


Mrs Aughton



Hello to everyone in RD! We wanted to send you a little message to let you know that we are really missing you all and we have been thinking about you every day. We hope that you are enjoying spending some quality time with your families and keeping busy. We have been staying cheerful and keeping busy too. Mrs Mullally tells me that she’s missing you all very much and she enjoys seeing some of you on her daily walk, it really brightens up her day. She is having lots of fun at home with her children and they are especially enjoying baking and cooking together. Chocolate mini egg brownies are her new favourite thing to bake. (You know how much she loves cake!) She can’t wait to share her new recipes with you when we return to school. I wish she lived closer, then she could leave some on my door step! I have been enjoying family time with Heidi, making sure we make the most of our daily exercise, looking for bears and rainbows and drawing some maps too. We have collected lots of natural materials, painted some twigs to make a beautiful Easter tree, and made some lovely art work in our garden from painted stones. Heidi has been cheering everyone up by learning new jokes and sending video messages to her family and friends! Maybe you could learn a new joke too. If we start to feel a little sad and think about something we miss, we have been writing a note and putting it into a special jar, it helps us to remember that one day we can do all of those lovely things and spend time with the people that we love. I was thinking that you might want to draw us some pictures or write some messages, you could keep them safe ready for when we see you next. We can’t wait until you’re all back at school with your happy, smiling faces, remember to try to make the best of this situation, be positive and keep safe.

Lots of Love


Miss Deane and Mrs Mullally


Hello superstar class RH! 

It’s Miss Hannon and Mrs Whalley here, just a message to say we miss you so much and think about you every day. We laugh at the funny things you have done, and wonder if you are still getting better at fun phonics and marvellous maths! We are certain that you are doing AMAZING at the important job you have been given to help stop the spread of Covid 19 – and you are washing your hands, after all...we learnt so much about those nasty germs, let’s put our learning into practise!

 Even though you may be missing school like we are missing you, you can still try your best at everything you do. We have been listening to our favourite song “Try everything from Zootopia!”. It always reminds us of how you ALWAYS try everything and you never ever give up and that is what makes you a very special bunch of little people. 

Whilst at home we have been enjoying baking, gardening, and painting! Each day we have wondered what you have been up to. We would love you to promise us that you will keep dancing, singing, playing, making, drawing, writing and learning all about the amazing world that we live in. But most of all, be kind, have fun and keep that sparkle that makes you YOU! 

As soon as you came into Class RH we KNEW for certain that an adventure was about to happen and at the moment we are living in a real life adventure! And like all real adventurers, we have to be brave, have courage and smile. Reach for the stars Class RH! And like we say in class “We can do it when we B&Q it!”. 

Stay safe our shiny stars,

 From Miss Hannon & Mrs Whalley.

Year 1 


Hello 1M!


We hope that you are happy, safe and staying healthy. We are really missing your smiles, enthusiasm and all the fun we had in class.


Mrs Morgan has been spending her spare time gardening, reading and trying to get Joe and Grace to keep up with their homework. She has also been for a daily walk and practised lots of yoga. The cats, Luna and Tic, can't understand why there are people in the house all of the time - their daytime naps are being disturbed!


Miss Kershaw is missing you all lots. She has been busy enjoying her daily exercise by keeping up with her running & doing PE with Joe Wicks. We know lots of you have been taking part too, probably a lot better than us!!! She is also trying to keep Ben & Charlie busy and active whilst enjoying this time they have together. 


You will probably be missing your friends and maybe wondering when things will get back to normal. It is OK to have these feelings - just remember to breathe deeply, be calm and talk to somebody when things are worrying you (maybe even try some yoga!).


There are plenty of activities on the website to keep you busy. We have been putting activities in the '2do' section of Purple Mash and it has been lovely to see what some of you have done. The most important thing for you to do is to keep reading. We know you don't have a new school reading book but any book is just as good. Try and read a little to someone every day.


We hope that you are enjoying spending all of this special time together as a family and we are looking forward to the day we are all together again.


Mrs Morgan & Miss Kershaw x


Hello 1W!


We hope that you are safe, happy and healthy. We are missing your smiles and the unique personalities that you each bring to our classroom.


Miss Watkins has been filling her days with workouts, reading and the odd Disney film too! She is keeping busy to take her mind off her postponed wedding. Miss Ahmed is enjoying the well-deserved rest. She is feeling very proud of her hardworking sister, who is dedicated to her job as an NHS doctor and her role in helping people to get better. Mrs Yeates is enjoying running, egg-collecting and walking with her dogs Meg and Gyp.


We know that you are probably missing school and that is ok… we are too! Remember you can have a look at the ideas in the ‘Home Learning’ section on the school website if you wish, particularly Phonics Play, White Rose Maths and Purple Mash.


Keep reading, learning new skills, playing and having fun! But most of all, keep being your wonderful selves and stay safe. One thing is for sure, we will never take for granted the daily routine of school life again!


We hope that you are enjoying spending this precious time with the family in your house. We can’t wait to see you soon.


Miss Watkins, Miss Ahmed & Mrs Yeates x

Year 2 


Hello all of 2C!

We hope that you and your family are staying stay and keeping healthy. Mrs McKenna and I are missing seeing your faces each day!

Well done for all the hard work that you have been doing at home over the past few weeks. I know it must feel a little strange spending so much time at home. We hope you have been having lots of fun and are enjoying spending time playing outside in the sunshine too.

Mrs Cerami: I’ve been keeping myself busy by doing lots of jobs… I think my cats are quite happy about me being at home so much because they are getting lots of cuddles! I’m missing going to the gym but I’ve enjoyed doing yoga at home to keep calm. I’ve also enjoyed going for a walk each day and I’ve loved seeing colourful rainbows and positive messages in people’s windows. Have you put a rainbow in your window?

Mrs McKenna: It feels so strange not being in school with all of you but I am making the most of this gorgeous, sunny weather by getting out in my garden and going for a daily walk. Mr McKenna and I do an hour of litter picking in our local area, perhaps you could do some litter picking during your daily walks. I have been doing PE with Joe Wicks every morning. Have you given it a whirl? It’s great fun!

When we are back at school, we are really looking forward to seeing you and hearing all about the lovely things that you have been doing.

Have a lovely Easter with your family!

Stay safe and be kind J

Love from Mrs Cerami and Mrs McKenna


Hello all of 2W!


What a strange few weeks it has been.

We have missed seeing you so much because like I have said throughout the year, you are such a kind and caring class.

I know you will be busy with your families and doing lots of fun activities. Well done for all of your efforts, I know it isn’t easy.  


I have enjoyed playing outside with Jack in his sandpit and we’ve attempted lots of baking!

We have painted a colourful rainbow for our front window to say thank you to all of the wonderful doctors and nurses who are being so brave.

Miss Williams



I hope that your families are well and that you are all busy staying safe at home. You are great at washing hands properly, and drinking water to help your body keep germs away.


At my house we have started the day with a ‘you tube’ PE lesson from Joe Wicks. We have spent time improving our drawing skills... my rabbits look great! What have you been drawing?

Just like you, my boys are true eco warriors and they have raided the recycling boxes and made some great models- F1 racing car, a picture frame. I know how creative 2W are… what has fired your imagination?


Just like in school, we have done plenty of talking about what’s happening and what we can do to help all the people who work in the NHS.

Mrs Evans


I’m finding it strange not being in school with you all and I am missing that so much. I hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather. I’ve been gardening and for daily walks with Mr McKenna.  Most mornings I do PE with Joe Wicks, you should give it a whirl. It’s great fun!

Hope you are having lots of fun whatever you are doing.

Mrs McKenna


Keep smiling, look after one another and stay safe.


Happy Easter and see you all soon,


From Miss Williams. Mrs Evans and Mrs McKenna J


Year 3 

Hello 3C I hope you are all well and keeping yourselves busy. I’m sure you are finding this time a little odd and that’s perfectly fine because it is odd! It’s important to keep your minds active by doing lots of different things. It has been lovely to have the sunshine so we can get outside. Mrs Cooper has been very busy in her garden mowing the lawn, power washing the patio and she is about to plant some seeds. I wonder what she is growing? Have you planted any seeds, maybe you could see if you can grow some plants over the coming weeks?

Mrs Charnley is hiding the biscuits (goodies need to be earnt!) from her sons until they have completed the jobs, she has asked them to do. I think she just wants the biscuits for herself, we know how she likes them!! Henry has been learning life skills, as we like to call them whilst we are at home, he has helped hoover the car and the sofa, washed the car and even a little bit of ironing!!! Have you been helping with jobs at home? What is your favourite one to do?

How are you exercising each day? We aren’t fans of Joe Wicks but have enjoyed going for a walk in the woods, which are near to our house. We go for a walk every day, some days Henry scoots instead. You might see Mrs Charnley whilst she is out walking with her boys. We are currently holding the Swing Ball Championship in our back garden, Mr Clarkson is in 3rd place as he hasn’t had as much time to perfect his game as Henry and I have had!

We can’t wait to see you all again and be back in school, it will be lovely to hear about your adventures during this odd time. Please try to keep a record of all the exciting things you have done so that you can share these with us. Remember its important to be active both in exercise to stay healthy but also with your mind, to keep your brain working! Don’t forget about all the brilliant Home Learning links on the school web page, I have been using these with my Henry.

Remember to stay safe,

Mrs Clarkson, Mrs Cooper and Mrs Charnley.


Hello 3G,

How are you all doing? I just wanted to let you know what I’ve been up to and to say how much I’m missing you all! Life is very different at the moment and we can’t always do what we want to do but I’m sure you are all making the most of spending time with your lovely families at home.

Has anyone learnt a new skill or discovered a hidden talent? I’ve been learning how to trim my dog’s fur! I’m not brilliant but I think I’m getting better (I hope so for his sake haha) and it’s been fun to learn. I’ve also realised just how much I love walking with my son; we’ve been discovering new places to walk locally which has been exciting.

Who’s been going on our school website? My favourite is still Rockstars! Which one is yours? You would be amazed what you can achieve when you want too! Well, please make sure you tell me about whatever you have been up to when we are back at school. I can’t wait to find out! Maybe you could start a diary and possibly take pictures?

Mrs Cooper says hello too! She has been busy gardening and power washing her patio; it’s looking super clean now and she’s very happy about that!

Most importantly, I want you to remember that you are all superheroes, keep being you and the amazing bunch that you are. Also, don’t forget that it’s cool to care so if you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours.

Looking forward to seeing you all as soon as possible! Take care everyone!

Lots of love Mrs Goodchild


Year 4 


Hello 4H!

It seems strange that I haven’t seen you for three weeks. I hope you and your families are well.

You must really miss seeing all your friends and doing the different activities that you usually do. Some of you will also miss seeing relatives, especially elderly relatives but make sure you stay in touch with them.

I suspect that most of you have been doing a little ‘home learning’, probably quite a lot of competitive Times Tables Rockstars. Am I correct?! There are lots of links on the school website of other activities to do and if any of you are keeping a journal or have information from projects that you have completed, I would be really interested to see them when we return to school.

You’ve probably been enjoying this lovely weather in your back gardens, keeping active and hopefully having fun. Perhaps you’ve also been going for a walk or run with your families. Keep a look out for the different wildlife, I’ve seen lots of squirrels and different birds including a tree creeper when I’ve been out for my walks in the park.

It is difficult for all your family at the moment, make sure you are nice to everybody and perhaps you could try a little act of kindness each day.

I’ll hopefully be in touch again soon.

Miss Hadwin

P.S. Mrs Eddleston says hello!



It’s a strange time for all of 4MP. I’m sure Mrs Pritchard, Mrs Marsh, Mrs Eddleston and Miss Isa are missing their regular catch ups. We have all missed Mrs Eddleston’s special birthday. We will have to celebrate when we are back together. The sun seems to have returned so hopefully you are all enjoying some outside learning. Perhaps even helping out with the gardening. Your teachers have been doing plenty of this along with fence, shed and summer house painting. After the Easter holidays our new topic would be, ” Minibeasts and More.” Have a look to see what you can find under plant pots, stones and logs. Most importantly wash your hands after hunting and maybe use a stick or small spade to help. If you like you could always make a fact file about one of the minibeasts you find or even create a nature collage picture. To keep up with your French, try and find the French words for spider, bee, ladybird and mouse. Don’t forget to keep practicing your animal sentences too.

We wondered if any of you had been busy in the kitchen baking cakes and other good things to eat? We all certainly have. Banana bread seems to be a favourite of ours! Perhaps we could share some recipes on our return? A sunny afternoon could be a great time to grab a favourite book and read outdoors. If you have any poetry books try and learn a poem off by heart and perform it to your family, and hopefully to 4MP. This is another challenge which we normally set during the Summer Term.

Most importantly, whatever you are doing our message to you is, “Stay at Home and Stay Safe.” Enjoy spending time with your family and think about those you are missing, including your class mates at school. Have fun and don’t eat too many Easter Eggs! 


Year 5 



Dear 5W,

Hello. How are you all? You have all been in my thoughts A LOT over the past few weeks and I miss you all VERY MUCH. I hope you and your families are all safe and well and are adjusting to life in lockdown. It certainly is a time like no other we have ever experienced before and I hope you are helping your mums, dads, brothers, sisters and whoever you may be sharing this time with. At my house we are trying to get up at normal school time each day and we are enjoying Joe Wicks' daily morning workouts. My children Harriet and Oliver do their schoolwork whilst I "try" to do some work and then after lunch we enjoy a family walk with our French bulldog Bruno. In the afternoons we have been baking, reading, playing board games, spending time in the garden and even having a bit of device time as a treat! We have enjoyed joining in with some of the national incentives such as putting a rainbow in our window and also clapping on our doorstep on Thursday evenings to support the good work of the NHS and frontline workers. I can't wait to hear about all the things you have been up to and also I'm looking forward to seeing some of the fantastic work some of you have done. I know some of you have been in school during this time as you have parents who are keyworkers and I hope to catch up with some of those pupils again very soon. Most of all I want to send my very best wishes to you and your families. I want to tell you not to worry too much about school. Keep your mind and body active, stay safe and look after each other. Love to you all, 

Mrs Wylie (and Mrs Groarke and Mrs Irvine).




Hi 5H, 

It seems so long since I was last in class with my 5H family and I can honestly say that you have been in my thoughts.  I miss you all deeply (I even miss the marking).  I hope you and your families are all well and that you are trying to make the most of this time away from school.  My family and I are managing, making sure we try and achieve goals each day.

I have managed to see some work you have been getting up to – well done for continuing your learning journey class.  As well as accessing the online learning resources you have been directed towards, this is your chance to take your learning in whatever direction you want.  Projects, movies, comics, stories, historical research of the local area…the list is endless.  You could even create stories, games and animations on Scratch Online  One aspect of learning I would love you to keep up with is reading.  Whilst the world has shrunk and our movements are restricted, a book can transport you to any place, or time, in an instant!

As well as continuing your learning journey, you need to look after your family, your body and your mind.  Each day, try and help with something – it will make you feel good about yourself and it will most likely take a burden off someone else.  Keep exercising.  There are so many ways you can keep fit (or even get fitter) with the help of online activities, for instance The Daily PE Lesson with Joe Wicks.  You could use this time to learn a new skill.  I’d love to come back to school to find out what you have learned.  I am going to get back on my unicycle!


Take care 5H and stay safe.


Mr H

Year  6


Hello 6J

I’m so pleased to get the opportunity to write to you all! I wish I could see all of you in person to say well done, keep being the best you can be and keep safe – I bet you never thought teachers would miss you so much!

Before we finished, we took some time to think about how we could manage the situation, keeping us safe and healthy so these are some reminders about your suggestions: be social (chat with family and friends – yes, you can use tech for this), do some exercise every day, learn something new (the school website has loads of links, you have your logins for online learning, sign language is free for under 18s), be creative (make – anyone made a den yet?, grow, construct, draw), limit screen time, help other people (make tea, keep your room tidy), try keeping a diary – 2020 will go down in the history books. I am looking forward to hearing about all the things you have been getting up to; perhaps you could take some pictures that we could look at when we are back? You have so many talents and skills between you and there’s a lot more that you’ve yet to discover about yourselves – you never know what you’re capable of until you try!

I have been doing lots of school work on History and I have found some amazing resources out there. I’m sure you could find loads of ideas to develop your own interests. 

Please say hello and well done to your families, especially your parents, who will be juggling lots of very important jobs! Hopefully, we will soon be back together, celebrating the end of an eventful Year 6! Keep yourselves safe and look out for me and Axel out for our daily exercise!

Mrs Jepson, Mrs McCaughey and Mrs Campbell


Hello 6T,

We have been thinking about you each day since we said our goodbyes.   Hopefully we will soon be together again so we can laugh at all the funny things you have been up to.  We wonder if you are still getting better at your maths work and which books you are currently reading.  We hope that you are doing the very important job you have been given to do to help stop the spread of Covid-19 – and are washing your hands.  Each Thursday night, my family and we have stood at our front door and clapped for our NHS Heroes. Have you? 

We want to tell you some important things.

Don’t be frightened. You may hear some things that you are worried about, but these are not worries for you. Tell someone you trust about your worry and let them look after it for you.

There are some good things happening in amongst the bad things.

There is less air travel and as a result the environment is getting a bit of a rest, and, who knows, maybe we can work out new and better ways of doing things in the future because we have had to.

People are talking to each other and offering to help each other more. That is a very good thing, make sure you do that too.

Even though you will be missing some school, you can still learn and try your best at everything you do. You are a very special bunch of people.

Please keep singing, playing, making, drawing, writing, problem-solving, and learning about our amazing world. We are having an adventure and like all real adventurers, we have to be brave.

Stay Safe

Mrs T and Mrs Groarke