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'TEAM-Together Everyone Achieves More'

Eco – Warriors

Our eco-warriors meet regularly to discuss initiatives to raise awareness of the environment and the three R's - reduce, reuse and recycle - all of which help to cut down on the amount of waste we throw away. They conserve natural resources, landfill space and energy. Plus, the three R's save land and money communities must use to dispose of waste in landfills.


REMEMBER, in school we are collecting used postage stamps for East Lancs Hospice and old spectacles which we take to Specsavers for recycling in developing countries - please send any you have into school.

We are the Eco-warriors and we meet regularly to discuss Eco problems and how to solve them.

For example we are worried about litter- it can end up in the ocean, causing problems to sea creatures! So we are making people aware of single use plastic and the problem it is causing in the environment.

Our eco-code is Reduce, Reuse and Recycle


Some ideas are:

  • Reuse scrap paper
  • Recycle school uniform
  • Reduce single use plastic-


stop using plastic bags,

stop using plastic bottles,

stop using plastic cup lids,

stop using plastic straws!



REMEMBER in school we are collecting used postage stamps for EAST Lancs Hospice, and old spectacles which we take to Specsavers for recycling in developing countries- please send any you have into school.




Thank you

Year 1 Eco Outdoor Club

We meet on Tuesday, after school. This term we have planted some potatoes, peas and beans into the recycled tyres. We are continuing to water the strawberries and taste them.

At the start of our Club we complete a litter pick around the school field, and we often check the compost bin.

Our eyes are wide open and we have spotted lots of interesting tiny creatures….plenty of slugs, worms, and a web covered in bright yellow spiders. With her keen eyes, Rose spotted a cluster of yellow eggs!

Thank you to everyone for helping us save our grass!

Over many years the grass has been trampled down around the Beech tree just outside 1M.

We have decided to cone off the area and ask everyone to stop walking on the grass. Some Eco-warriors have moved turf onto the bare patches, and in time we hope to see grass growing.

We have planted some wildflower seeds, hoping that we can attract some butterflies and bees.

Look at our fantastic bug hotels! We have recycled plastic bottles and rammed them with sticks, moss, blossom and paper straws.

Have you been to see our whale yet? 


The Eco Warriors have had great fun using the Eco Bricks to make a whale sculpture!


We counted out 132 Eco Bricks….and still more Eco Bricks arrived! The children used snippers to cut the chicken wire and we folded it around to form the whale’s head, body and tail. With these three sections we pushed the bricks in place and tightened the wire.


THANK YOU and WELL DONE to everyone in school, and at home who have made an Eco Brick-You have highlighted the problem of single use plastic, and saved plenty from going into landfill or ending up in the sea.

Last term the Eco Warriors met and discussed the problem of single use plastic. Like you, they are very concerned about sea creatures becoming tangled in litter!

We decided to try to highlight how much plastic is thrown away after one use!

Picture 1
Picture 2

The Infant children have started to collect the plastic that is wrapped around the daily the milk and fruit.

They use a wooden spoon to ram the plastic waste into an old plastic bottle. This is called an Eco-brick.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

The team decided to try collecting plastic bags and wrappers, and ram them inside a plastic bottle too.

Now every class in school has an ‘Eco-brick’ ……….many families at home have one too!

Maybe your family could try making an Eco-brick?

It highlights just how much plastic is used once and then thrown away.

In the Summer Term we hope to gather the class Eco-bricks and transform them into a sculpture… this space!


Here are some questions that the Eco-Warriors are worried about:

Are you a family who have stopped buying bananas wrapped in a plastic bag?

Can you stop buying birthday cards wrapped in plastic?

Are you saying NO to plastic straws?

Do you use a plastic fork, a wooden fork or your fingers when you buy chips from the chip shop?

Have you heard about forests being cut down, so that we can have palm oil for cakes, shampoo and other products?

Picture 1

The children in Year 1 have been enjoying working on a topic about the Polar Regions.

They are worried about creatures becoming injured by plastic that floats in the oceans.

Have a look at their

amazing and inspiring


Picture 1